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These tickets are for groups from 11 to 250 people only and include use of the 'Whisper' audio system.

Your group leader will be supplied with a small microphone and you'll each be listening on special earpieces. These are official, skip-the-queue*, direct entry tickets to the Vatican.

If the weather's good then you'll do this outdoors (in the Pine Cone Courtyard), otherwise it will be in the Vatican Cafeteria; breakfast includes both American and Italian specialities (pastries, cured meats, cheese, even eggs and pancakes, all prepared on the spot).

These are official, skip-the-queue, direct entry tickets to the Vatican with an 'American Buffet Breakfast' at the Vatican and audioguide included.

If you want to skip the queues, we offer these tours.

These are official, skip-the-queue*, direct entry tickets to the Vatican.

Please note that the audioguide covers the Vatican Museums and for pretty much everything else.

These are official, skip-the-queue*, direct entry tickets to the Vatican which include the use of an audioguide to the Vatican Museums.

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These tickets are for an AM start - you will meet our staff at the Vatican and be given your official tickets there - no need to queue for tickets at the Vatican.Included with your tickets is an e-book guide to the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel, written by two prominent Italian Art Historians and available to download as for pretty much everything else. Well, queues on the day can be enormous, with hours spent just waiting and wasting your precious time; with our system you can just roll up at the Vatican, join the special queue for those that have booked, present your voucher, and you're in.

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