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fun parse file = let (* a function to read an integer from an input stream *) fun next_int input = Of (Text Stream (String Cvt.

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) I have also got code that implements much of the new Basis Library for Moscow ML so that I can use both it and Poly/ML to implement HOL4.I'm sure the Moscow ML maintainers will appreciate it.I didn't find a difference in the documentation which comes with Moscow ML and the actual implementation, but I didn't do any big projects in Standard ML.123.31 real 116.24 user 6.38 sys [[email protected] mlton.mlton]$ /usr/bin/time make mlton-compile ...

238.44 real 232.01 user 5.49 sys As REPLs, Poly/ML and SML/NJ are nearly equivalent.

For example, suppose we wish to change the definition of the should also be changed to reflect this re-definition (as it would be in Lisp and Scheme systems), it would fail to typecheck.

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