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29-Nov-2016 21:20

Put yourself on a pedestal, and never let any boyfriend make you feel as if you don’t belong there.They’re allowed to say whatever they want, and do whatever they want – but only they get to decide what it really means – and you don’t get a say.You should always remember to respect yourself, and not be fooled into believing that you are any less of a person than anyone else.Explore your inner feelings and motivations by reading books about avoiding abuse, getting positive reinforcement from healthy living programs and finding a support group.

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Treating you like a child that went to the mall, prior to doing her homework, is the kind of humiliation in you he is trying to achieve.

Unlike the aforementioned subject, your boyfriend will come and go as he pleases, without answering to anyone – especially to you.

If you try to question his whereabouts or activities, he will become defensive.

Not showing you the courtesy to respect your wishes is not a behavior that goes away.

This will continue as an abusive relationship, where you will be treated as an object, instead of a person.

For some, the fears go away without a second thought. That is the main reason a boyfriend can become a controlling nightmare.

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