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Temple for Spiritual Practices (Maun Mandir) Some of the Ashrams have Maun Mandirs (a Temple for Silent Spiritual Practice) which provide serious aspirants an opportunity to stay in complete seclusion and peace for seven or more days.

This facility is highly recommended for those aspirants who want to experience rapid spiritual progress.

Many herbal products like shampoo, tooth powder, hair tonics, massage oil and general health supplements are also produced.

The doctors also recommend naturopathy treatment through Yoga-asana, Pranayamas and meditation.

The philosophy here is that every woman is a goddess in human form, who needs to awaken her potential strength.

The world needs women with great character to build a great future for the next generation.

Patients are treated for common and chronic diseases like allergies, cancer, diabetes, rheumatism, heart ailments and any other malady.

The medicines are manufactured at the production unit in the Surat Ashram.

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Children learn yogic stretching and breathing exercises (Yogasanas and Pranayamas).

During these 'shibirs' or intensives, an aspirant gets the benefit of Pujya Bapuji's 'Satsangs' (spiritual discourses) and rare proximity.

Pujya Bapuji bestows divine love through the Shaktipata (Transmittal of Divine Energy), enabling the aspirant to enter the mysterious world of Kundalini Yoga through meditation.

These organizations provide financial aid to the poverty-stricken as well as engage in many humanitarian relief efforts.

All the Ashram and Samiti efforts are carefully scrutinized and diligently managed with Pujya Bapuji at the helm.Ashram Activities The aim of all Ashrams and Yoga Vedanta Samitis is to show the path of real peace and happiness to the masses.