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Based on a stage play by Mylavaram Bala Bharathi Samajam, the film was directed by C.Pullaiah with stage actors Vemuri Gaggaiah and Dasari Ramathilakam.The history of cinema in India extends back to the beginning of the film era.

The ICC consisted of three Brits and three Indians, led by T. This committee failed to support the desired recommendations of supporting British Film, instead recommending support for the fledgling Indian film industry. Ardeshir Irani released Alam Ara, the first Indian talkie, on 14 March 1931.

Only one print of the film was made, for showing at the Coronation Cinematograph on . The first silent film in Tamil, Keechaka Vadham was made by R. The first chain of Indian cinemas, Madan Theatre was owned by Parsi entrepreneur Jamshedji Framji Madan, who oversaw production of 10 films annually and distributed them throughout India beginning in 1902.