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25-May-2016 23:28

Beverly D'Angelo says she and Chevy Chase have enjoyed a life-long friendship due to their roles in the National Lampoon's Vacation films.The actress and the comic legend have played married couple Clark and Ellen Griswald on six occasions - including an online only short film Hotel Hell Vacation - beginning with the original comedy in 1983 and most recently in the 2015 reboot Vacation. Club that she and Chevy Chase became great pals after working on all the National Lampoon Vacation films together.And this relationship that I have with the public because of the Griswolds - what a gift. Generation love it.'Beverly is proud of all of her outings as Ellen Griswald but her favorite is still the first film in which Ellen and Clark make a disastrous road trip with their kids from Chicago to Californian amusement park Walley World. We were sort of leaving a lot open to how the Kickstarter reacted to it, if that makes sense, but we have the basis of the idea which was we’re going to have eight knights.It was going to be sort of like Megaman-style level design.Oh, my husband's like Clark."'Beverly continued: 'Because not only is my friendship with Chevy Chase tried and true, and when I say tried, I mean tried.' 'We've gone through so many things together. It was a nightmare.' 'I was so mad at him when we were shooting the pilot.

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It was very brief; we didn’t have too much planned.But all that wasn’t development; I think we left Way Forward – or some of us left Way Forward, I should say – in the middle of January, so things were still –.

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